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Service Promise Certificate (assure five usage, serve forever)

Service detailed rules:

1. This promises is only fit for the buyer of our production.

2. If you use our production in the common instance and it hasn't out of range of the service time, you will obtain our aborative and professional service, in order to vindicate the rights of the buyer and the credit standing of our company.

3. If you buy the production of HANWEI, we will be with responsibility for our production's servicing and replacing once they are destroyed. In the service time we have promised, we will be with responsibility for our production's servicing and replacing once they are destroyed, but the damage must be not result in the human behavior.

4. Please hold the damaged part of our production if the destruction isn't result in the human behavior, in order to testify, otherwise, you should pay for the parts we exchange.

5. The production can't be exchanged once it has been taken out of our factory, of course it's not include the special occasion.

6. We will still offer service for life, although out of the service time we promised.

7. This service means that we will mend the production till it can be used in the course of nature normally.

8. The service of the production you order will be different, details will be discussed to the appearance.

9. All the promises will not be effective if the production isn't installed, carried and retreaded by HANWEI.

10. Thereinafter instance isn't included in the promise:

(1) The production is different because of the colour and luster、texture、 feel of a material;

(2) The appurtenance which is not belong to the type of office furniture.

(3) The destruction which is result in the incorrect usage or other suddenness.

   HANWEI persists in the faith of buyer's satisfaction, provide the good furniture for our buyer, we promise as this certificate:

   HANWEI furniture is the high quality and super excellence furniture!

   Service of HANWEI is exquisite and professional service!

   HANWEI Furniture takes the service for life!

All the furniture of HANWEI take the five years' service, if the furniture have been used in the common instance and isn't out of range of the service time, we will adopt necessary measure zealously and responsibly when the production is destroyed, in order to vindicate our customers' rights and interests.