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Care Guide

Maintain your heirlooms in prime condition and validate your Lifetime Warranty by following our instructions for care below:


* Do use table pads with trivets and/or place-mats when utensils or dishes are extremely hot.


* Do use place-mats or other protective items when eating or working on furniture surfaces.


* Do use protective pads under clocks, telephones, radios, or any object placed on furniture


* Do lift objects carefully; do not drag them over the furniture's surface.


* Do use only a damp cloth to remove dirt and accumulated dust for daily cleanings and use only mild oil soap and water on occasional cleanings.


* Do apply furniture dressing two or three times each year to guarantee the most lustrous finish.


* Do not use detergents or chemical cleaners on your furniture this may damage the finish.


* Do not pour polish directly on the furniture.


* Do not place heavy objects or table pads on freshly polished furniture surfaces.


* Do not drop the furniture.


* Do not use vinyl or plastic tablecloths on the furniture.


* Do not write on thin paper over the surface of the furniture without protective pad or other protective buffer.


* Do not use polish remover, hair spray, or perfume near the furniture as this may damage the finish.


* Do not place rubber or plastic products on the furniture's surface as they can sometimes cause a chemical reaction, which may deteriorate the finish.


* Do not use products containing silicone on the furniture.


* Do not expose the furniture to strong sunlight, which causes discoloration.


* Do not expose the furniture to extreme heat, cold, or humidity, which may cause wood to swell or warp.


* Do not leave the furniture wet with beads of water standing on the furniture.