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About Genuine Leather,PU Leather and PVC Leather


Genuine leather is mainly processed from animal skin fabrics.Currently,the most popular genuine leather on the market are divided into the dermis layer of skin (Nappa Leather) first and second layer of skin.First layer is closest to the surface,less disability from the finest raw hide of work,the natural leather surface of the well-preserved state,the coating is thin, can show a pattern of animal skins natural beauty,it is not only wear ,but also has good air permeability, is the presence in the upper dermis. The second layer of skin is relatively loose fibrous tissue layer part, by spraying chemicals or covered with PVC,PU film processed,its fastness to wear less,is kind of cheaper leather.In addition to the second floor there are three outer skins; three skins is the worst animal leather.
PU leather and PVC leather collectively referred to as artificial leather, as opposed to a kind of leather is called.
Polyurethane PU is an abbreviation in English, commonly known as the main component of polyurethane. PU leather with polyurethane component of the skin that, it has a light weight, toughness, waterproof, water swelling deformation is not easy, environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, easy care, with a certain air permeability characteristics.
PVC English name Polyvinylchloride,the main component of PVC.PVC can be divided into rigid PVC and soft PVC.PVC leather is softer than PVC.PVC leather with rich colors,patterns range,cheap,etc.but compared with the PU drawback of short life more brittle,hard,heavy odor,non-permeability,tensile strength small.
Bonded leather or reconstituted leather is a term used for partially synthetic leather.It is a synthetic material made of varying types of plastic (generally polyurethane or vinyl) that may be spread over ground-up leather and other substances, mechanically processed to give the appearance of leather,but at reduced cost and with less wastage compared to natural leather.Bonded leather can be found in furniture,bookbinding,and various fashion accessories.Examples of products that are most commonly constructed with different varieties of "bonded leather" are: books,diaries,art books,desk accessories,bags,belts,chairs,and sofas.The actual leather content of bonded leather varies depending on the manufacturer and the quality level they are selling.In the home furnishings industry there is much debate and controversy over the ethics of using the term "bonded leather" to describe a vinyl upholstery product.

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